Missile Test Calendar 2010

01/11 China GMD
01/11 India two Astras, BVRAAM
01/27 France M51, SLBM
01/31 USA GMDfailure
02/07 India Agni-III, IRBM
02/18 USA PAC-3
03/03 India ATV (Advanced Technology Vehicle)
03/04 Russia R-29RM Sineva, SLBM
03/09 Iran Nour, SSM
03/12 Pakistan SM39 SSM, AM39
03/15 India AAD (Advanced Air Defense), failure
03/16 Pakistan SAM
03/18 France Exocet MM40 Block 3, SSASM
03/21 India BrahMos
03/27 India Prithvi-II, SRBM, and Dhanush, SRBM
03/28 India Agni-I, SRBM
04/11 India BrahMos
04/25 Iran five SRBMs, two Noor, two Nasr, one unknown
05/08 Pakistan Shaheen-1, SRBM, and Ghaznavi, SRBM
05/17 India Agni-II,MRBM
06/06 USA two-stage GBI
06/08 USA two Trident 2 D-5, SLBM
06/09 USA two Trident 2 D-5, SLBM
06/13 India Nag, ATGM
06/15 Russia RS-20B / R-36MUTTH, ICBM
06/18 India Prithvi-II, SRBM
06/23 USA Tomahawk
06/30 USA Minuteman-III, ICBM
07/06 India Astra, BVRM
07/16 Russia two ALCM
07/19 Israel Iron Dome
07/25 USA Joint Air-to-Ground Missile
07/26 India Advanced Air Defense (AAD) Missile
08/06 Russia two R-29RM Sineva, SLBM
08/20 Iran Qiam-1
08/25 Iran Enhanced Fateh-110, SRBM
09/01 USA  Airborne Laser, failure
09/01 USA multipurpose Hellfire II
09/05 India BrahMos
09/24 India  Prithvi-II, SRBM, failure 
09/25 China  modified DF-21?, failure?  
10/01 UK  Sea Viper, Air Defense Missile 
10/06 Netherlands  Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile, AMRAAM 
10/07 Russia  Bulava, SLBM 
10/21 USA  Airborne Laser, failure 
10/22 Russia  S-300B
10/28 Japan SM-3 Block IA 
10/28 Russia  Sineva, SLBM, SS-N-18 Stingray, SLBM, and Topol, ICBM
10/29 Russia  Bulava, SLBM 
10/29 Japan / USA Aegis 
11/12 Japan  Patriot 
11/18 Iran  S-200-like 
11/25 India  Agni, SRBM 
12/02 India  BrahMos Block III, read also this
12/05 Russia  Topol, ICBM 
12/05 Pakistan  Anti Tank Guided Missile, ATGM 
12/10 India  Agni II Plus, MRBM, failure 
12/15 USA  GMD, failure 
12/21 Pakistan  Ghauri Hatf V, MRBM 
12/22 India  two Prithvi 2, SRBM 


  1. any update on missile tests to be performed related to pakistan.

    • The only information I have is in regard to the test on 03/12, http://wong.to/rjujb

  2. This seems like it would be a great resource. Any hope for it to be brought up-to-date?

    • Thank you for the comment. Finally I found the time to update the calendar. I will try to avoid huge time gaps in the future.

      • Very nice update! Sadly, with the proliferation of longer range missile technology, a test list like this can grow very large, very fast. Thank you for your effort!

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